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The Bagpipes

Scotland will always be famous for the Scottish Pipe Band.

The bagpipes, a wind instrument, have been around for centuries, and were made famous by the Scottish Army, who would have their ‘pipes and drums’ lead them onto the battlefield in many a battle with the English.

At the conclusion of each battle, the pipers and drummers, still playing their instruments, would lead the soldiers home. It was said that even when the soldiers were badly injured or defeated, the pride they felt in following the rich, haunting tones of the bagpipes, their long-adopted national instrument, gave them the strength and vigour to stand tall and carry on: a message to all that our brave warriors’ spirits could never be broken, no matter the challenge. It became an Army tradition in Scotland over the centuries that, whenever Scottish soldiers visited other countries, they would take their bagpipes with them.

The Scottish Pipe Band of today will always be associated with those brave Scottish soldiers of old, who in years gone by would wear their long woollen kilts into battle, in some of the harshest winters imaginable.

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