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When you think of Scotland, you think of the spectacular scenery:- the snow-capped mountains, the roaring waterfalls and steep glens; the calm lochs and waterside castles. You also think of the distinctive Scottish wildlife:- the rare and proud stag; the ever-elusive golden eagle; the Highland Cattle with their long horns and wavy coat which protects them from the cold.

Edinburgh-CastleWhen you think of Scotland, you also think of the famous Scottish produce:- the exquisite Scotch whisky, locally distilled, then shipped all over the world; the locally made shortbread that is fit for a king and of course, the famous Scottish Haggis, forever considered Scotland’s national dish.

Then again, you might think of our national flag, the Saltire, with its white cross over a blue rectangle, or the thistle, an abundant and much-loved flowering plant that is also our national emblem.

And, when you think of Scotland you will probably think of Edinburgh. Why? Well, certainly it is our capital city:- it is home to the Scottish Parliament, it is a hub of industry and tourism, and an international tourist destination. Edinburgh also has a very rich and diverse history, much of it based around Edinburgh Castle which has been a royal residence, a fort and a stronghold against attacks over the centuries. Situated on mountainous black volcanic-rock ridge and dominating the city, it is certainly not easy to miss. In fact, from virtually everywhere in the city, you can see the Castle in the background, high above any other structure. Today, it is a garrison and the Army there still protects us from any real or imagined threat; and their presence there keeps the people feeling safe and secure.

The reality is that Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful places in the world and by visiting us, we hope you will take away a cherished memory of having had the most wonderful experience, amongst some of the friendliest people in the world.

Welcome to Edinburgh, Scotland, and to the world-famous Edinburgh International Pipe Band.